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Till now there has been onlyonetest done which lasted for 12-weeks, but neverdone for more than that, hence there is no enough evidence that suggests that it is safe to be used for long-term.There are also few risks and some scammers also out there. We always thinkthat if we are getting something for free what's the harm in trying it out, but these free trial products which say they will help you lose weight in no time might harm your body even more.

After buying these miracle weight loss pills many have got disappointed by the results of it because even after taking these pills we need to have a controlled diet and exercise regularly.Many such product manufacturers have faced trouble because such misleading might cause a lot of problem for people as it might be a waste of time, money and mostly harmful for their health.FDA says that any product, whether it is man-made or natural, which is strong enough to work like a drug can also cause side-effects for sure.So,the best way to maintain youis by having a balanceddiet and having a regular exercise regime.