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Instant Weight Loss Pills, Garcinia Cambogia

Weight loss, diet, fat burning all these mean the same. People all over the world are very obsessed with losing weight as it has become very important with respect to health. Most of the health problems these days are related to weight gain. Along with following a diet there are several diet pills available in market to help in reducing the weight faster. Garcinia Cambogia is a diet pill that enhances the weight loss. Along with this,the producers of this pillalso state that it slows down ability of human body to absorb fat content from any food consumed.


The way this works is by replacing the fatty substance with muscles that are well toned. It is said to improve your mood and stress. When itimproves your stress,and helps you stay calm during stressful situation, it will reducestress eating.

Garcinia Cambogiais a citrus fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia which is used for this pill. This fruit has an acid, that is, hydroxycitric acid;this impedes an enzyme called citrate lyase. This enzyme obstructs with fatty acid metabolism. This organic acid makes you feel full and also reduces yourappetite which leads to reduced food consumption. There are many claims that it's a natural way for weight lossalong with this, it is also said to improve high cholesterol. There is long controversy as to how effective it is and the risk and benefits of it. Let'sunderstand some facts and fictions about this.

1.It states to lower body weight.There is no verification or proofthat it facilitates weight loss.There was a 12-weekstudy performed that did not show any significant weight loss by using this supplement inspite of keeping them on a low fat, high fiber diet.

2.It statesthat itmakesyou feel full. There isnoproof for this as well. There was extensive review done on the research done on Garcinia Cambogia which suggested that there was no exact proof that this supplement or HCA present in it had no effect on preventing hunger or reducing appetite whatsoever.There wassome effect on rodents but no positive effect on human beings.

3.It states that the supplement boosts athletic performance. There was one study that proved that during workout it would help them in gaining stamina and would become exhausted after significant amount of time.

4.It states that Garcinia Cambogia increases metabolism. There have been several proofs that showed rodents and human beings on supplement helped in fat metabolism. However,one scientist said that this does happen, but in a petri dish.

Some Possible Side Effects

Dry mouth



Upset stomach or diarrhea

There was a warning from Food and Drug Administration in 2009 that whoever is taking weight loss supplement that composed of Garcinia Cambogiabe cause few people consuming this got serious liver problems, but again along with this, there were other ingredients which might have contributed, but that is unclear.

There are few studies that also show for sure that this weight loss supplement interferes with other drugs that you are already taking. Make sure you discuss about taking HCA and do not forget to mention any prescription medicine and over-the-counter medications you are taking.Some of the medicines that it might interact with are as follows:

Pain medicines

Statins, drug that reduce cholesterol.

Warfarin which is a blood thinner.

Asthma and allergy medicines for example, Accolateand Singulair.

Iron taken for anemia.

Diabetes medications, either pills or insulin.

Prescriptions for psychiatric problems

Garcinia Cambogia supplements are natural diet pills. It is said it'snatural because HCA required is obtained from a fruit known as Garcinia Cambogia.

Butmany tests have proved that this alone pilldo not help in anyway to lose weight and neither is it safe.

The FDA has suggested printinga caution sign on these quick natural weight loss supplements.

By saying natural many are misguided and think automatically that it'ssafe.

Natural is not always safe for yourhealth.

There are plenty of natural poisonous plants available in nature, that doesn't mean we can consume them.

You can also buy or not to buy these supplements is left to each individual, but talking to your doctor before you buy will help you in deciding.

It'svery important to know that dietary supplements like this are not approved by FDA before it'savailable in market for everyone to use.

However, these diet pill packages do print that these supplements completely support human body and there will be normal functioning, but there is also a disclaimer stating that this statement has not been evaluated by FDA.In general FDA hasnotdoneany rigorous testing of Garcinia Cambogia for quality, how effective it is, purity and mostly whether it is safe for long-term use or not.